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Counseling and Psychotherapy Services

Individual Psychotherapy at Crest Counseling Services

Psychotherapy and Substance Misuse Services

Typically, the relationship between yourself and your psychotherapist begins with an assessment/intake. An assessment is a way to discuss what has brought you our way and figure out how we can best work together. 

Using best-practices, we meet at agreed upon intervals to address the issues you want to work on. Techniques and interventions vary by clinician and client-identified needs. We pull from a clinical toolbox containing Cognitive Behavioral, Dialectical Behavioral, and Psychoanalytic skill sets; however, individual psychotherapy is simply discussing the parts of your life that are most important to you with a trained behavioral healthcare professional. 

Conducted by Mike Harris, this group is for those of us wanting to figure out how our relationships get distorted, how we get in our own way, and then learn to move our lives forward in emotionally significant ways. Focusing on the Here-and-Now Encounter by using the relationships in the room, we bring our recurring issues under the microscope to be examined in this so-called interpersonal laboratory. Fee is $40/session with no sliding scale. 

Using a systems-oriented approach, these Family Sessions focus on your goals/desired outcomes from counseling. Common goals are strengthening a parental team, boundary setting related to intolerable behavior, rekindling intimacy, etc.  

Group Therapy at Crest Counseling Services

Group Psychotherapy

Perhaps the most therapeutic and cost effective service provided, group psychotherapy tends to provide the level of relational depth craved by most people while also being an interpersonal "laboratory." 

People can talk about anything they want in group. It's all relevant.

Silence is also tolerated. We work to create immediacy and connection within the group exploring how we approach and also distance ourselves from others and act out emotions rather than understanding them. 

Many people continue attending our groups because we work to create a welcoming, humorous, and problem-solving environment focused on exploration rather than confrontation. 

Click here to learn what the American Group Psychotherapy Association (AGPA) has to say about Group Therapy.  

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